About us
We established our clinic to assist parents, men and everyone who is in need of support. Our goal has been to provide the right support to get people out of these very low points in their life and to regain their control, confidence and happiness.

Daniel FruchterIs an experienced Psychologist registered with Australian Health. Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA.

Here is my personal story:

In my early years as a psychologist I supported my clients to manage their work life and gain happiness and stability at their work place.  This included working with a range of backgrounds, ethnicities and job levels.  

Over the years I encompassed parental counselling into my support network.  I began supporting mums and dads about how to regain happiness from the challenges of parenting.  I strongly believe that by bringing happiness back to parenting we forge stronger child/parent attachments and thus enable our children to develop their capabilities, true independence and resilience.    

Through many experiences in my later age I became aware of the difficulties that both men and women – especially men – experience in crisis. Men typically hide their emotions.  Doing so means they often hide the entire emotional crisis.  This may be due to social shame, a lack of social support or simply that they avoid actively seeking help. This leaves them feeling incredibly lonely in facing their worse battles which can lead to very negative consequences and even suicide. I therefore decided to actively support these men in their crisis. My objective is to help to make life changes, promote mental health and enhance well-being.

I use a range of psychological tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, solution focus therapy and interpersonal

My qualifications:

  • Master in Psychology (2005)
  • Master in Business (2014, Melbourne University) 


  • Registered Psychologist with Australia’s health practitioner regulatory agency (AHPRA).

Contact me now so I can help you. My email is daniel@counsellingbusinesspsychologist.com.au

Minh Nguyen – Qualified Chartered Accountant

Here is my story:

I am a chartered accountant and have owned my own practice for almost 20 years. I was in a 14 year marriage with 3 kids. Unfortunately, due to many issues including controlling behaviour, growing apart and communication issues we ended up in divorce. 

The divorce was an extremely bitter one in which many family and friends were dragged into it; and this should never have happened. I was helpless and could not control the situation.  I felt like I was being controlled and manipulated into what they wanted me to do.  It was never about what I wanted; which was to end the marriage.  The situation became unbearable and very bitter.  I was not allowed to see or communicate with my 3 children for nearly 12 months. I felt extremely helpless and this was without a doubt the lowest point in my life. I had no one to guide me as to what to expect in terms of finances, seeing the children, ending the marriage, my business and my assets. My lawyers helped but it was only on legal matters. There was no guidance in terms of what people go through in this situation. Over time and with really good friends, particularly the advice of those who had gone through this I managed to pick myself up and regain control of everything that I had lost. I learned to become a lot stronger.  It took me years though.  I only wish I had the support to get through the nightmare easier and with less trauma.

My qualifications:

  • Melbourne university bachelor of commerce.


  • A member with Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ).

Contact me now so I can help you. My email is minh@counsellingbusinesspsychologist.com.au