business psychology

Our clinic’s business psychology services are focused on supporting small to medium businesses to manage talent and attain a competitive advantage using their human resources. With over 20 years of experience in organisational psychology and psychometric tests, our psychologist will assist you to select, develop and retain your human talent and improve your business bottom line.

Our service in managing your talent include:

Selecting talent

  •  Validated psychometric tests including a wide range of
    cognitive, emotional intelligence and personality tests.
  •  All tests administered online to allow candidates to complete
    from home or onsite.
  • Job tailored psychometric reports written by an experienced
    organisational psychologist.
  • Verbal feedback for you and your candidates delivered by an
    experienced psychologist.
  •  Competency modelling to identify job’s core competencies.

Developing talent

  • Workshops to improve team work, emotional intelligence, managerial skills and more.
  • 360 degree assessments to identify areas of strength and
    weakness in your human talent.
  •  One-on-one coaching for managers and experts in your business
    to further develop their talent.
  •  Delivered by an experienced organisational psychologist.

Retaining talent

  • Strategies to retain your talent tailored to your business.
  • 360 degree assessments to identify areas of weakness.
  •  Employee satisfaction surveys.

Career counselling

Our organisational psychologist will work with you 1-on-1 to identify
a suitable career path for you or a career change.

  • We will use scientific career assessments.
  • Produce clear and practical career reports.
  • Support you in your career change.